Shares of the alternative meat producer increased by up to 7%.Kim Kardashian is infamous for being picky about her business
KATHRYN GAWINDUSTRY NEWS, NEWS, ANDY MURRAY, EQUI, JAY-Z, KIM KARDASHIAN, LANDBAY, MICHELLE MONE, SEEDRS   Jay-Z was disclosed earlier this month as one of the people behind a
With his latest charity endeavour focused at helping rescue our world, Robert Downey Jr. is channelling his Iron Man character
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The Academy Award-winner is investing in eco-friendly businesses, and others are following his footsteps.   There is a blurry line
How many celebrities you know have invested in different ventures? If you think you know all of them, you are
For three decades, Snoop Dogg has been an imminent presence in music. The rapper has had an impact well beyond
In the last year, the crypto space has been paced up with the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Numbers of people are
It is common to see the names of musicians, athletes, and actors in press releases regarding funding rounds by tech
There are numerous ways of prevailing as a Hollywood business person in 2021. A few stars are searching for a