Example Case


LostMy.Name is the ultimate personalized book for children. We wanted to popularize the idea among celebrity / influential parents using social media outreach.


LostMy.Name – The Plan

Find mom-influencers on Instagram with significant reach and brand fit


Research influencers and chose ones to approach

This is how we made sure that we can deliver influencers in the right geographic, with credible brand and engaged followers


Approach the selected influencers

This way, we start a relationship with the influencer and brief them on the idea and terms of the marketing engagement


Send samples, approve posts, analyze KPIs

Sending samples allows influencers to come up with ideas for posts, which then we approve with the client. After the campaign, we analyse KPIs to draw conclusions for future posts

Campaign results 36% better sales performance

1.3m followers reached

Through a total of

14 campaigns

565 orders

Orders with multiple items generated through tracked influencer posts.

36% CPO

> 36% better sales performance
compared to other marketing channels. Not including brand engagement and target group reach-out.


celebrity responses

“Thank you so much for the wonderful books that you so kindly sent to Bunny and Lula. They will love reading them. I will read them to them this evening. They are beautifully illustrated too.“

– Alicia Grimaldi,
Bryan Adams’ wife

Alena Garber

“Such a cute surprise! My friends’ son was super excited as he discovered that he is the main character in his new book. Such a cute idea, this personalized story „ach du Schreck, mein Name ist weg.“ ..can’t imagine a cuter Christmas present for children.”

– Alena Gerber
German celebrity model

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