The Big Idea

In a digital world, the line between technology and entertainment is becoming increasingly blurred. Since our inception we have built a reputation for unique solutions which bridge these two worlds.

From the heart of the European entrepreneurial startup scene, with a network spanning the most innovative people around the globe, we bring  together celebrities from sports, music, fashion and movies, with the next generation of startups – connecting influencers, managers and CEOs.

We look for up and coming trends and the latest innovations to create partnerships that empower, enable and enrich. Working with startups and innovators we help build, sell and pivot companies by linking them with strategic investors and supporters from the entertainment industry.

Our aim is always to create value on both sides, and a shared wealth of publicity, ideas and passion.

Things We Do

Yes Work with our hearts as often as our heads.
Yes Understand the language and goals of celebrity management.
Yes Find 99% of our business through personal recommendation.

Things We Don’t

cross Act as wealth managers, endorsement agents or brand ambassadors.
cross Predict stock movements or make purely financial decisions.
cross Ever talk about clients, discretion is our watchword.